Sunday, July 4, 2010

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Catch Up

Tony is just amazed at Evie and loves his little sister. He loves to lay next to her.
Tony just loves his sister!! What more can I say, he is so proud to be a big brother. Every time I take the camera out he has to be in it with her.

He always wants to hold her. Today he said, "Mom, I haven't held Evie yet today. Can I hold her?"

She is tired of pictures and he just loves to be with her. If we go anywhere, he asks, "Is Evie going with us"

We took a walk the other day and Tony wanted to sit in the stroller with her. They love eachother, why not while it lasts. They both fit and it was cute. He was so proud of himself holding her and being the big bro. "She likes this, she's smiling at me, she likes me"

3 Months old!! Time has flown and she is getting bigger and yes, I think the cheeks are too!! She is a good eater when she wants to be. But if Tony is around she will NOT eat.

Almost always a happy girl. As long as someone is with her she loves her swing. We have to be in the room with her though. This is her seat while I am making dinner, we keep eachother company. Some times Tony is sitting right next to her on the floor, playing with her and making her laugh.

Just a happy girl. I love her smile.

Okay, so Tony doesn't take naps anymore, but he just need to take a "rest". He has fallen asleep sitting right next to me while I'm feeding or burping Evie. He'll fall asleep on my shoulder and they will both sleep. Sometimes all three of us.

1 Month old and such a doll!

Field Trip

We went to the Fire station on a field trip for joy school in March. It was a big hit, the kids loved it! They got to try on the firefighter suits. Tony said that it was totally cool, but he doesn't want to be a fire fighter.
They got to climb in and all over the fire truck and the ambulence. The ambulence wasn't as cool or as big as the truck though! This was the best part for Tony. He loved the truck and was happy to climb up and stand there.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Loving Big Brother!! He loves his little sister, Evie. He was so anxious when he came home from grandmas house to see his new baby sister for the first time. He says, "She is perfect". He came up with that one on his own. It was so sweet for a mother to hear her little boy say about his sister. He always wants to hold, kiss and hug her!
Evie was born Jan. 5, 2010. She was 8lbs. 2oz., 20.5 in. long. Everything went fast, smooth and great. 2 hours after getting an epidural and 3 pushes she made her grand entrance. Baby is healthy and so is mom so we left the hospital after 24 hrs of being there. Can't find better comfort than our own home and beds!
We love her so much and very excited to have her in our family. She already has a great love for Tony, her big brother. She knows when he is in the room. She turns her head in his directin as he moves around. As soon as Dad holds her, she finds comfort and sleeps. We have been blessed and love having her in our family.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Lights

We took trax downtown to see the lights on Temple Square. Tony loved the idea of a train, especially the fast one!! Yes, my coat barely fits, it's called being 9 months pregnant! All that walking was great though. I have to admit, I have been some what of a heater lately, and was nice and toasty, the others were a little cold! Sorry, boys.
We went with the Waite's. Tony and Grace had lots of fun in the snow and seeing all the pretty lights and nativities. After we were all done, we stopped at the Lion House for some Hot Chocolate, Thanks guys it was alot of fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catch up...

Tony started soccer with some friends this fall. At first, he didn't like it. But, now he loves it. He wasn't to thrilled about the other kids kicking the ball away from him. I had to explain that the other kids want it too. All we care about is that he is enjoying it and not crying anymore.
For Mikes birthday, Tony helped him pick out a toad. Tony loves it more that Mike does. He loves to hold it, but I tell him all the time only when dad is home.

Every year we get together with the Daniels family and carve pumpkins. This is the sixth year, we have had a blast!! Here are all the final products.

All Tony wanted to be for Halloween was a Dragon!!! He said that a witch was going to cast a spell and turn him into a blue dragon. I don't know where he got that, but I thought it was kinda cute.

We had a Halloween party for the kids in preschool. There was alot of things to do. Bean bag toss, painting pumpkins, make spider cookies, ghosts out of gumdrops, and decorate cupcakes. They also made bats out of black paper and their hand cut outs!! They had a lot of fun!

We started a preschool in Sept. a little joy school type of thing. All the kids that turned three this year and in the older nursery class were invited. Six of us are doing it and it is working out really well. The kids love getting together and learning. But I think more of the playing and treats is more of their idea of fun!! What do you expect from 3 year olds!!